Monday, July 27, 2009

I miss me

I still see her in my dreams sometimes
That picture-perfect vision of yesterday
Her eyes sparkle when she smiles
She's a little girl in a big world and she's completely free
as she runs through the cornfield in her bare feet

This girl, she could sit in the park for hours just to watch the flowers bloom
She knew who she was, didn't need to be anything to anyone
Like a butterfly, she blossomed in the breeze..

She used to dance in the rain at midnight
Now it's all she can do to hide from the storm
She's holding out for that rainbow
So why is it so much harder than it was before?

I miss her hair blowing in the breeze
The way she used to wear her heart of her sleeve
I miss the girl who laughed and lived and loved
That girl who was never afraid to fall
I miss the girl she used to be
I miss me

1 comment:

  1. this can be the theme ad for nike women :P ... good work