Sunday, June 12, 2011


As the blue of the sky shadowed over turquoise of the ocean,
the clouds grew whiter and denser;
They were more like icebergs,
condensed flakes of snow,
cotton balls stitched on to on a sheet of blue..

As we saw the outline of hills on the horizon,
the white and the orange merging into the redness of the settling sun,
it felt like something was settling within..

That this is the moment.. the moment to live..
and this is ours, one that no one can take away from us.
As if time and space stood still in eternity..

And thereafter,
it was azure for as far as eyes could see..

It was then I realized that we were about to land..
As the plane tilted towards the ground, it felt like I was sinking into the blue..

As we approached the land,
I could see small white dots which very soon grew to little squiggles
and then into the surfing white waves crashing into the green of the land

What looked so calm and halcyon from so far apart, wasn't so calm after all..

As those rising waves crashed onto the shore,
it was like all that was inside of me.. landed on to the rocks..
only to break off in pieces and come back to me..
So it could take new shapes. more massive than ever..

The time hadn't stopped after all
We were landing back into reality..

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