Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shadow on the Wall...

No one tried to notice me,

They acknowledged I was there,

But they didn't really truly see,

They didn't have the time to care.

I was always present,

Like a shadow on the wall,

Always with them,

waiting silently,

For someone I knew to call.

But no one ever did,

I waited there in vain,

Never daring to speak out,

Restricted by my pain.

How I longed to be wanted,

For someone to make space,

So I could slip in next to them,

Have my own special place.

But I knew there never would,

Be a space made just for me,

I was an outcast on the outskirts,

Trying to get in desperately.

The more I tried to fit in,

The more obvious it became,

I wouldn't survive in this world,

Cause I couldn't play their game.

So now ill quietly leave,

Drifting day by day,

Wondering my own land,

Until I finally fade away.

I wont let them pity me,

I wont let them see me fall,

They'll only notice that im gone,

When there's no shadow on the wall.

1 comment:

  1. wow..... beautifully written... d pain is so well described....