Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some priceless gifts...

I feel m happy from within,
by the birth of someone
who makes me complete.
I hope today all ur dreams come true,
just like it fulfilled for me,
the dreams which are filled with u.
I wish I could be there with u,
but believe me, I m not here too,
as my heart and soul, just miss u
n wish a happy birthday to u!!


Your birthday was approaching
I was sitting here contemplating
Of a gift I should be buying
Something that would leave you feeling
That you are special without saying
Many ideas I was considering
But nothing came close than giving
A promise of my love to you with no ending
And this promise I shall be renewing
With each birthday you'll be celebrating!!


I have your earring
You have my heart
I'll give yours back to you in a day
you'll give mine back in a month
I can't bear the thought of losing
your gentle presence forever
and so I hope
though the time will come
that we part we shall stay close
if not together.

Tonight I was enthralled by the image of you dressed the way you were.
Tonight I was proud to walk the streets holding your hand.
Tonight I was eager to explore you, watch your face as I took hold of you.
Tonight we lay together, and we talked, and maybe I was stroking your hair or you maybe were stroking mine. I remember thinking how happy I was right then at that moment.

I hope you will always write, after this short time is up, so I can always feel again the same way I feel when I talk to you here, in the autumn we first met. Please promise me you will write.

I have your earring.


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